Oh, hello. What is this thing?

We are a Christmas-themed holiday cocktail bar. It’s a mashup of Macy’s Christmas and your childhood living room, but with a distinctly adult sense of humor. 

The Miracle franchise started in New York City in 2004. This year there will be 118 Miracles in 7 countries and 35 states just in the USA.
We will be the very first Miracle in Iowa.

Check out our cocktail menu.


When is it?



OPEN FOR BUSINESS – November 15 through December 30
7 days a week!



November 26 – Thanksgiving
December 25 – Christmas Day


 What are your hours? 

Monday – Friday: 5pm til Midnight

Saturday, Sunday: 3pm til Midnight


Can I make a reservation?

You sure can! Click here to make a reservation.


Will you do to-go cocktails?

We will, with curbside service to boot!  More information on that very soon.